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Gearing up for Summer

I have been pretty lax with my Project Spectrum knitting so far. I seem to have an urge to knit in a color once that month has passed (for instance, right now I want to knit a pair of green socks.) Go figure. With this being said, I will point out that though I didn't always knit these things in order, they were knit with the Project Spectrum color scheme in mind. Besides, I am sure Lolly has a forgiving heart and wouldn't mind that I knit something pink in March.

As a recap:
The February/March colors were Blue, White and Grey. I knit the Husband Hat in a Grey alpaca, Cable Twist Socks in Blue and Grey, a Ribbed Shrug in White, the Bed Shrug in Antique Ivory which qualifies as White (still in progress), and the sadly disastrous Seaberry Shell in Blue.

The April/May colors were Pink, Green and Yellow. I knit the Gentleman's Fancy Socks in Pink, The One Row Hat and Scarf in Pink, Monica in Green, the Airy Wrap Cardigan in Green, and last but not least, I repainted my basement a lovely shade of Green!

The June/July colors of Red, Black and Metallics excite me. I am currently working on a few projects that fit into this category and am now trying to think of some others I can work on with yarn from my stash (I am on a diet, Mama needs a new computer.) Currently on the needles are my (recently ripped out and begun again) Sockapalooza 4 socks in beautiful Fleece Artist Brick Red and my Roza's Socks in Black. I have 1,000 yards of a lovely copper yarn in a cobweb lace weight that I would like to use to make the Kimono Shawl (Eunny's beautiful example) from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberlie. I think that's the only June/July yarn in my stash, though the Kimono Shawl could take quite a while...

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