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I have photos of two works in progress, as well as yarn selected for a very special project.
The first in-progress project photo is my first finished lace sock; Child's First Sock by Nancy Bush. I am knitting it in a lovely yarn from Regia, 4-ply in a mushroomy color, I love it. (The first photo is more accurate, color-wise.)

Next we have the Ribbed Shrug, by Stefanie Japel. I am knitting it in Patons Classic Merino in an off-white color. I love the way this is looking, and I am just getting ready to begin the first sleeve.

I have undertaken the task of knitting my Mother in Law a shrug for her wedding this August. She is wearing a strapless gown and is quite uncomfortable with the state of her upper arms (though I think she looks fabulous.) I have decided to use this yarn. It is Handmaiden Lace Silk in "Antique Ivory". I am leaning towards this pattern, though she doesn't want belled sleeves, in face she just wants short I may just look at the lace patterns I have and make something from one of those instead.

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Ginny said...

Hi - I made this (in 4ply cashmere) and just started one repeat in. if your mother in law wants not belled sleeves, you could easily just start 2 repeats in (ie cast on the minimum number of repeats for the size rather than starting with more and reducing) and start the increases for the upper arms immediately - that would give sort of elbow length sleeves. It was an easy pattern to do and to adapet and looked lovely in the end.