Pink lady knits


100 Things

1. My first "real job" was in a movie theater. I worked the concession stand.
2. I am uncommonly drawn to the color pink.
3. Most people tell me that ice blue is a better color for me, but I still prefer pink.
4. Four is my lucky and favorite number.
5. I was born on June 4th and married on June 4th.
6. I traveled to London and Paris when I graduated college.
7. I drive a 2001 VW Beetle.
8. The minute I met my husband I knew I would marry him.
9. Even though I was engaged to marry someone else at the time.
10. I grew up just outside of Washington, D.C.
11. I believe that this instilled a love of the city in me.
I now live in Baltimore City.
Because of this, I love taking vacations in places that are not cities.
14. I am a natural blond and am constantly being asked what hair dye I use.
15. I think I have perfect feet.
16. My husband hates feet.
17. When I was little I loved Walter Cronkite, The Incredible Hulk and Willie Nelson.
18. I still like Willie.
19. I secretly long to adopt children instead of having them myself.
20. My husband and I have two cats and a dog.
21. I have no patience for people who creep up to stop lights and stop signs at intersections.
22. For as long as I can remember I have asked for a pony for my birthday.
23. I haven't yet gotten one.
24. My husband proposed to me on the night he found out he passed the bar.
25. I honestly believe I was born in the wrong decade. Possibly the wrong century.
26. I am a self proclaimed "foodie".
27. My ultimate meal would be Seared Lamb Chops in a Guiness Glaze, Veuve Cliquot, Creme Brulee and Eggs Benedict with Asparagus.
28. I sometimes zone out and look at what is happening around me as though it is a commercial/movie/sitcom.
29. I dream in Spanish.
30. I don't actually speak Spanish fluently.
31. My "hero" is Audrey Hepburn.
32. I stopped trying to dress like Audrey Hepburn a few years ago.
33. This is a good thing because I don't have her figure.
34. I am almost always cold.
35. I am your standard Heinz 57 American. I am of Irish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Spanish, Native American descent.
36. I was in a sorority in college.
37. I keep in touch with several of my sorority sisters.
38. My Grandmother taught me to knit when I was eight years old.
39. I promptly forgot how and didn't learn again until September 2005.
40. I was an avid skier as a child and a teen.
41. I haven't had "bare" toenails in years.
42. I truly believe that though physical attraction is important, the simple art of conversation goes a long way.
43. That said, I think Jason Statham is dreamy.
44. I would move to New Orleans, Manhattan, London, Tokyo and Napa immediately if ever offered the chance.
45. I have read almost all of Shakespeare's plays and love them.
46. Despite that, my favorite British author is Jane Austen.
47. With J.K. Rowling coming in as second.
48. I am impulsive.
49. I don't think I learned anything new after sixth grade.
50. My father is an artist.
51. My favorite artist is John Singer Sargent. My favorite painting of his is Repose.
52. I love Vietnamese food. "Fish Sauce" is a miracle.
53. There is nothing more satisfying to me than eating fresh herbs I have grown.
When I was in college I worked with the phone company installing phone lines.
55. My cat Isabella has eyes that change from green (happy) to gold (angry/scared).
56. I don't like Margaritas.
57. I don't (generally) like reality TV.
58. I make an exception for America's Next Top Model and The Biggest Loser.
59. Jeopardy and crossword puzzles are childhood friends of mine.
60. I have met several celebrities: Jim Henson, Barbara Mandrell, Jaime Lee Curtis, Sidney Portier, Ronald Regan and George H.W. Bush.
61. I have been on TV three times.
62. My first cousin Kelly, who is three years older than I, is my best friend and like a sister to me.
63. Her daughter Grace is the most frequent recipient of my knitted wares.
64. I vacuum and sweep in a tiara.
65. I love classical music and frequent the symphony.
66. I don't like swimming at the beach because I am scared of the undertow.
67. I don't like knitting with self striping yarn.
68. I use every trick in the book to not have to seam a knit garment.
69. I love the sounds of the slot machines in Vegas.
70. I have taught several people to knit.
71. I check my email about 100 times a day.
72. I refuse to drive in inclement weather and don't like driving at night.
73. I am scared of the dark.
74. I have an (as yet undiagnosed) rheumatoid illness that leaves me tired and very achy most days.
75. I believe in having a few really good friends as opposed to a lot of just OK friends.
76. I really want to name our first child some cool "family" name, but we don't have any.
77. I am 29 and I just bought my first computer. It is a mac.
78. My paternal Grandfather was in the CIA. (It's OK, it's declassified now.)
79. My brother Michael was in the Army and was in Afghanistan and Iraq.
80. I learned how to responsibly handle and shoot a gun when I was younger.
81. I look awful in shorts.
82. My Mother has a nasty habit of calling me and waking me exactly five minutes before my alarm goes off.
83. I despise being the center of attention.
84. Oddly enough, I had a huge wedding.
85. People always tell me that they love my "style" which is a mystery to me.
86. I love the smell of wet concrete.
87. When we have children I plan to stay home with them.
88. We plan to open a yarn shop for me when we are older.
89. I have a side business now.
90. I love fun shoes, but almost immediately take them off and sit with my legs crossed.
91. I am an Anglophile.
92. I am very very lazy.
93. I am obsessed with coffee and drink an obscene amount daily.
94. I love to knit in public because I find people all the time who look interested in trying it out. It makes me feel like a virus.
95. I won't be able to make it to all three of the concerts I wanted to see this summer; The Pietasters, Reel Big Fish, and Damien Rice.
96. The last concert I went to was Coldplay in Philadelphia. Moses was born the morning after this show.
97. I have a strong connection to Ganesh, though I am not Hindu.
98. My maternal Grandfather had a huge influence in my life.
99. The first book I read straight through was To Kill a Mockingbird. I was six and it changed my view on the way people treat each other forever.
100. If I could live in any movie, it would be the Harry Potter series. I have always wanted to be able to do magic.


Jen said...

Matt and I read this over a traditional Italian pasta-and-bread-and-wine meal, and were amazed by how similar and different you and I are... I still hope to be one of those mentioned in #75!! *hugs*

La Cabeza Grande said...

What's this? Do we know each other? Numbers 6 (+ Madrid and Amsterdam),11,26-29,45,48,52,59,60,65,70,71,75,83,85,and even though I'm not really into HP, I've always wanted to be magical!