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It's been a while, but I have some finished items to share with you! I've been quiet because work has been busy and the Holiday season was hectic (as I'm sure it was for everyone), but now I'm back and I have a little FO parade for anyone who may drop by...

First up is a little cardigan I ma
de for my boss Holly's new baby; Eliza Jane. I didn't know Miss Eliza was going to be a "miss" until she was born, hence the green yarn. I didn't use a pattern for this...I just winged it. It's a perfect newborn size and Holly loves it. The yarn for this was Debbie Mumm Traditions in "Pine Needle" and I used a #6 circular needle and #6 DPN's.

I attached little snaps inside the button band so that it could be more easily taken off or put on by the parents. Also, buttons are a choking hazard (though I admit I wasn't thinking of that when I made the choice).

Next up is the beautiful Mara:

Pattern: Mara by Madeline Tosh
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Aran
Needles: #7 circulars

I liked this pattern, but I was a bit short of the yardage for I improvised by doing a stockinette ruffle at the edge instead of the ribs. I'm happy with it, but honestly would have preferred the ribs. It needs a good soak and block, and maybe then I'll be more pleased. We shall see. The color is versatile and that is a blessing. The wool is warm and comfy, and the pattern couldn't have been easier.

Third in line is a matched pairing of EZ's Ganomy and
Mitered Mittens:

Patterns: Ganomy and Mitered Mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Noro Silver Thaw, #1
Needles: #9 circular and #9 DPN's

Notes: I loved knitting both of these patterns. EZ is a genius and I love to be reminded of that when I come back to one of her patterns. The hat is wonderful because of the ear flaps and the mittens are lovely because they conform to the shape of ones hands. If I were to change anything it would be to make the mittens shorter (I have very short hands) and to give the hat a tassel. I think this hat just screams for a tassel. Next time I will likely knit this set out of a sturdier yarn as well...for though the silver thaw is beautiful and luxurious, it doesn't stand up the way I'd like it to.

Finally I have the bird infested baby knit that everyone has been working on:

Pattern: Owl Baby Vest by Jodi Haraldson
Yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino DK, butter
Needles: #4 circulars

Notes: This was really fun to knit. It took only a few days and then was complete. I wasn't able to join the circulars (it would have been too tight, even on my smallest set) so there is a seam up the back of this...however, you really can't tell. I've used tiny red vintage buttons from my husbands grandmother, and I think they stand out nicely against the butter yellow of the yarn. All in all, this is one of the cutest things I've ever knit and I'm sure to make more!

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