Pink lady knits


The beauty is almost too much...

I have never splurged on yarn before the way I did when I bought the Handmaiden Silk Lace in Antique Ivory for my Mother in Law's (as yet to be determined) lace shrug for her wedding. The closest I have come is spending $75 on some beautiful hand-dyed mohair, but at almost $90, two hanks of this seemed really pricey.
After touching it, however, I immediately understood. It really is the most amazing yarn I have ever put my hands on. It feels so soft that it my fingers seemed too rough. The depth of colors in these hanks was awe inspiring...I am transformed as a knitter, I now understand that sometimes quality does come with a hefty price tag. But, it's WORTH IT.

First photo was taken with a flash in a pure white bowl.
Second photo was taken without a flash on macro. It even looks skinny on macro!

After a trying experience winding this into a ball (I actually had a tantrum) I am now experimenting with some different lace patterns which I will show to my Mother in Law next time we meet so that she can chose the shrug for her wedding day. I think this color will compliment her gown perfectly.
I will post my swatches as soon as they are ready to be seen. I can't wait to get started on this project (I am on a lace kick right now...)

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