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I rather impulsively cast on a sweater last night, well, a shell to be exact. I have been longing to knit the Seaberry Shell from IK Summer 2006 since I first laid my hands on the issue.
Designed by Wenlan Chia (of Twinkle fame), in her now recognizable style of classic pattern meets chunky funky modern yarn, it is a true beauty. Chic to the hilt. I am using two strands of Paton's Shetland Chunky held together in a beautiful tweedy blue. I think I'll have enough yarn (to be honest I have that knitters gut feeling that I won't have enough, but I am HOPING to have enough...which may be just what is needed to make
it true.)
Here is the shell itself...

(Just click on the thumbnail to go to the IK Summer 2006 back issue web page.)

I should have progress shots soon. If this sweater remains as simple and fast as it has been so far, I do believe I will be knitting one for my best friends birthday...we'll see.
The yarn is the light blue chunky yarn in this photo...

I have already used all of the other yarn in the picture, except the funky striped sock yarn on the right...that may be an April/May Project Spectrum cake. We'll see.
Also, in Finished Object news, I have completed (and already worn) my Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel. I will do a photo shoot soon, and you will also have some pictures of some yarn I bought on a whim today at the yarn shop and my lace swatches. Until then...

Updated to add this photo of my progress:

I have completed two repeats of the bobble and lace pattern, and have three more to go for the front. After knitting this much, I do think I am going to need another ball or two of yarn...darn. Fortunately, JoAnn is having sales on yarn this week...I think I'll pop in to be safe!

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