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Roza's Socks

I knew I would have to knit them...the minute I heard that Grumperina had designed a new pair of socks, I was in heaven. I am a tried-and-true fan of her famous Jaywalkers, and have knit six pairs and have a few more planned!

I was concerned that Roza's Socks would be more fussy, but my faith was restored last night when I cast on. We watched about 3/4 of "Hollywoodland" last night, and though it is a long movie, I completed way more than I expected to. I have my ribbing and about 4 inches of leg less than one movie! I fear that the ease of these socks will infect me the same way the Jaywalkers did. I love mindless knitting that produces beautiful results and this pattern is the perfect example of that.

I am using Lisa Souza Sock in black, which will be practical and elegant. I hadn't wanted to use it for cables (as they wouldn't show well) or lace (because I feared some of the intricate work being "lost" in the color.) This seemed like the perfect pattern for such a dark color. Besides, I love working with Lisa's yarn...I am so comfortable with the gauge I get and the needle size I need (I am using a 1, not a 0) that I can cast on willy nilly. Photos soon...

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