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Husband Hat

My very first project spectrum project, and it's grey to match the weather.
I came across some 100% Alpaca in charcoal grey when I was browsing A.C. Moore, and I knew my husband would love it. What's even better, is that is was on sale for $3.50 a ball, which means this hat was only $7, as I needed just over one ball to complete it.

My husband has a very large head (and an equally large brain to fill it) and because of this, has a very hard time finding hats that fit him. Because I have a similar problem (a teeny tiny head) I took pity on him, and measured his head, did a gauge swatch and cast on. I did a 3x1 rib stitch for 10 rows, and then a row of purl, repeated that two times, then switched to stockingnette stitch and began the decreases. He loves it because it keeps his head warm and is very soft...but most importantly, it fits!
(Yeah, sorry, he is camera shy!)


Jen said...

So you have enough of the gray to make me one??? :p

Courtney said...

LOL, I wish, but then I would have one! I have to do some tweaks to it, make it slightly smaller and thread some elastic into the ribbing so that it holds tighter to his head and doesn't let the wind whistle in.
I may have enough for an earband...

Siow Chin said...

The grey hat turns out really well. I'm sure it'll get lots of wear from your husband.

the husband said...

I do appreciate the crack about my abnormally large cranium. The comment of an equally large brain to fill it, does little to alleviate my shame. It's bad enough little kids point and stare, but now it is advertised on the internet too. At least I can conceal it in the very soft hat that Courtney made me. Bravo for giving me a way to hide my feakishness.