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List of Upcoming Projects

I realized today that I had yarn enough for several of the projects I want to make right now, which is nice, because I can't really afford to buy any new yarn for a while (or so the husband says.) My plans are to make (from top left to bottom right - clockwise):

1. Camellia (out of the light blue Patons Shetland Tweed) this will be one of my February/March Project Spectrum Projects

2. House Socks (out of the navy blue Lion Cashmere Blend) this will also be a Project Spectrum Project, blue again

3. Log Cabin Socks (out of the chocolate brown Patons Merino) they will look just like the ones I made my husband for Christmas.

4. Jaywalkers (out of the Lion Magic Stripes) I know, I know, but I wanted to see what a $5 sock yarn could get me, and I know this pattern like the back of my hand.

5. My So Called Scarf and matching hat (out of the Patons SWS) I have started the scarf, and so far I am really pleased with how soft it is. I am worried about pilling though, because it has already developed a bit of fuzz, though to be fair I did tink a little at the start.

And with yarn not pictured here (though previously featured):

6. Roza's Socks, that's right, I already want to knit them (in Schaeffer Anne) Another sock pattern by Grumperina, you KNOW I am in! Another Project Spectrum knit for February/March, blue, blue, blue!

7. Glee Tee or Rusted Root (in Cottage Yarns Tweed in Stone) I have wanted to make both of these for a long time, but I haven't ever undertaken them. Seeing Lolly do Glee and Elizabeth knitting Rusted Root has re-inspired me.


Jen said...

I love the pic of the yarn on the stairs, but then I don't UNDERSTAND half of what you write about. Patons, Grumperina, Spectrum, oh my!

Courtney said...

I love that you still read this, even though you have no idea what I am talking about! :)
Patons: Brand of Yarn
Grumperina: Inventor of my favorite sock pattern
Spctrum: Cool Knit Along using all the colors of the rainbw