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I seldom make New Years resolutions any more. I am getting to an age where fooling myself into exercsing more/eating less chocolate/not having soda/being a "better person" for a month or two because of a "promise" I made on the first of January feels, well...trite. So, instead, I have made blog resolutions. There are only two, and they are small, but I do think they will improve the overall look and feel of Pink Lady Knits.

1. I will create a new header graphic, create gallery link pages and a search function. I mean, I am a graphic designer, it is silly that I haven't made a custom header yet. But like plumbers with leaky sinks and contractors with no walls, designers rarely have time for grahic pursuits on the weekend. (If I were being more honest I would say that I rarely have the constitution for grahic pursuits on the weekends.) The innerworkings of blogger have confuonded me for quite some time, and so I have no gallerly links or search functions. I like those features in other blogs, and so, mine will have them too.

2. I will take better photographs of my knitting. (Rather, I will force my husbad to take better photos of my knitting.) I spend so much time on it, and then take crappy boring photos which don't do it justice. I wil try to make most of these photos public knitwear photos, so that I can also include them in Lolly's Flikr group. I wear my knits all the time, so I should be showing you all how I show them off.

Currently on the Needles (this is another thing I want to add, one of those percentage things that everyone has in their sidebar...)
1. Grey Alpaca Husband Hat. This will be only the second thing I have made for him (that will fit or is finshed) and I can't wait to see him wear it. It is charcoal grey alpaca and so soft and fuzzy. I am doing a simple 3x1 rib with a row of purls every 10 rows and then just stockingnette. It will be done tonight, and I will do my best to get a nice artistic shot of it for you all.
2. Austermann Step Jaywalkers. Haven't cast on the second one yet.
3. Heeless Sleeping Socks. I think I am going to take these off the needles and start them over on 2's.

Something else of note: I would like to start a knit along. It will be the Seven Deadly Sins KAL, and should be fun. It will be seven months long and each month will feaure a specific sin and corresponding rules. It will have a prize, at the end, which will be awarded by a panel of impartial judges (read: non-knitters.) It will most likely start in March or April, and you are welcome to incorporate other KAL's with it (i.e. knitting your Sloth piece in a color corresponding with Project Spectrum or your Glutony piece as socks for Socktoberfest.)

Please let me know via email or comments if you would be interested. You do not have to blog to paticipate, I will post any and all photos if you need me to, though the KAL will have it's own blog site and any and all (who have been added by me) will have acess to post.


Erin said...

The KAL sounds like fun, and I think I'd like to try it! Good luck with your blog resolutions! It was good seeing you and VJ on Saturday, I'll miss you 2 a lot. You'll have to promise to come and visit us out west very soon!

Jen said...

I think it is too funny you are subjecting VJ to your resolutions!

I love the idea of a "Currently on the Needles" section. It appeals to my list-loving nature!

And, I wanna be a Sin judge! I KNOW my sins, baby! (And, I SO don't knit.)

Courtney said...

Of course we will come and visit you soon, I don't think you could keep us away!
I am excited you want to do the KAL, I think it will be fun too, if I could just find a few more people to do it...
Heck yes I am subjecting him! How else am I supposed to get good photos? Problem is, he isn't really "into" taking photos or being in photos...we'll work on it.
Yes, and to mine as well. I'll have to work on getting it up there.
LOL, OK, you are in.

Jen said...

(I feel so included!)