Pink lady knits


Liesel Scarf

Pattern: Liesel
Catalina Cotton/Alpaca in red

#6 Addi Turbos

This is the second time I have knit this scarf, and I have to say I don't think lace is my "thing".
However, my Mother in Law loved the scarf, and that is the most important thing.
I finished this about 22 hours before Christmas morning, and didn't get a chance to block it. That is why it is still here and was available for a photo shoot.
The yarn is soft and supple, the lace pattern is easy enough...and overall, it produced a beautiful scarf.
It is all blocked and ready for her, I can't wait to see how much she likes it when she actually sees the pattern!


Shelley :) said...

Hey sister! You've been a knitting fool! Everything looks beautiful - esp. the Liesel. I love that Capelet, too! I have another 'my so-called scarf' on the needles too - great idea about the hat, you'll have to tell me how that worked out, as I have tons of this yarn and it would be a great addition (for my sister-in-law for her bday). I had some jaywalkers started in a great Camel color Regia, but I started them on 1's - way too teeny! So, I frogged them and will have to start over - boo. Anywhoo - hope all is well with you - we are in a wedding frenzy for Shan's big day, and to top it all off, Peter and I are going to a conference in Vegas this week - so it's a little hectic around here! After the wedding, we MUST go sit and knit! Talk to you soon!

Elizabeth said...

I love that scarf - really beautiful, particularly in the color yarn you chose. And cute capelet too. You've been busy!

Courtney said...

Oy, sounds like things are crazy for you right now! I am busy making final tweaks to Shan's wedding paraphanalia, so hopefully it will be beautiful on the big day.
Thanks for the compliments on all my finished things. I love that capelet, and want to make the turtleneck version soon, it is so warm!
I'll keep you posted on the scarf/hat deal, but I haven't been able to knit more than a few rows of that scarf without getting annoyed at the pattern, so we'll see.I am also about to from some Jaywalkers. Oddly enough, I just don't think they were meant to be, so I plan to make a pair of Nancy's Bush's "Men's Winter Socks" like I made for my Dad.

Courtney said...

Thanks so much! I finally gave it to my Mother in Law this past weekend and she loved it! That cotton alpaca is a dream around the neck. :)