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Strings and Lace

After some "sole" searching (heh heh heh) I decided to rip out my Saucy Socks. It is a lovely sock pattern, and I think that I will knit it again, however, I will knit it on smaller needles and will omit the cable. Sadly, this left my Saucy Sock looking like this:

But then I made the executive decision to knit Hedera. I made an attempt to knit these a while ago, and it was a fun pattern, but the yarn I used at that point was striping and really taking away from the detailed lace. So I saved the pattern for a more solid yarn, and feel this is the perfect opportunity to break the pattern out again. I am pleased with how it looks, however, I am not 100% sure on the heel at this point. I used the heel that Cookie suggested, but it is creating a very thick (and I am sure a very sturdy) heel and the stitches are actually slanting some. I think I may pull it out and try an Eye of Partridge Heel (which was honestly my favorite bit of the Saucy Socks!) We'll see. At this point, the first Hedera looks like this:

Also, an additional piece of lace; the Bed Shrug. So far there are two repeats done and it looks like this:

I am very pleased with the way this silk looks, it's really beautiful and smells like...well, silk.

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