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Short Row Heel?

I am interested in using a Short Row Heel for my Sockapalooza 4 pals socks. I am knitting Hedera and am not pleased with how my heel came out. I am stalled until I can find a heel I like. I have tried one with a bunch of yarn overs and K3Tog's but the bottom looked lumpy and I wasn't happy with it. I don't mind working wrap and turns....
Can anyone suggest a really good Short Row Heel? Even if it is in a pattern and I only use that portion of it (as long as it is free or in a book I own, of course) I would be a happy camper. I'd like to try to get past the heel on the first sock this weekend, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
Thanks fellow knitters!


Carrieoke said...

I'm trying them for the first time on my sock too! I highly recommend Priscilla Gibson-Roberts backwards yarnover short rows. You can find them in her pattern called Dream Socks (here's a link: Dream Socks - it's a pdf!)

Her book Simple Socks Plain and Fancy also explains them really, really well.

Happy knitting!

Chelsea said...

This sock form Knitty has a short-row heel.

Kate said...

I love the short-row heel, it's a total no-brainer for me. The pattern I generally use is Universal Toe-up Sock Formula by Amy Swenson for Knitty. I love this pattern. It allows me to adapt for any gauge and foot-size, and come out with a well-fitting sock at the other end, and all with a minimum of maths! Here's the link:

Fabienne said...

i used misocrafty's tutorial and since then have no holes in my short row heels. it has double wraps but no crazy k3tog or p3tog, just pass overs.

Saffron said...

I like the sherman heel.


and here: