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One Row Scarf

Pattern: One Row Scarf by The Yarn Harlot
Patons SWS in "Geranium"

#6 Addi Turbos

I first knit this pattern for a Christmas gift, and loved it. It is easy, mindless and very kind to people short on yarn (perfect for expensive or precious yarns like handspun.) I decided to knit one for myself, but knew I wouldn't be happy without a matching hat, so I knit a strip to fit around my head as a "cuff" then joined the needles and knit until I needed to decrease. It is a nice looking hat, and keeps my head very warm (I know because I didn't wear it today and I was freezing!)
The yarn is a dream, the striping is wonderful! I get so many compliments on the colors and how the texture brings them out. Half wool and half soy, what a wonder the soy bean is! (I still won't eat it though.)

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