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Cable Twist Socks

Pattern: Cable Twist Socks by Hello Yarn
Lion Brand Cashmere (navy blue) and an off-brand Alpaca (charcoal)
#4 Brittany Birch DPN's

Special Information:
These are a February/March Project Spectrum knit
Notes: I really liked knitting this pattern, they flew off the needles. I knit them in just over a day, and was really pleased with the outcome. The twisting is as easy as pie, and looks just like cables. I plan to make these into a pair of socks that can be worn with shoes (so, out of sock yarn instead of worsted weight) and add a few extra stitches so that they won't be too tight - ala
Grumperina. The yarn is lovely, very soft and supple...mostly merino, and just a little cashmere (15% to be exact.) It is very warm and comfy on the feet, would make a lovely sweater. I have been wearing them quite a lot, and though I ran out of the cashmere yarn just before each toe, I really like the look of the grey with the blue, it gives them a "homey" they were my Dad's in the 70's and then I got my hands on them.

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Great work.