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Times, they are a changin'

I have always been told that all good things come to an end, and now I know for sure that the old statement rings true. On Monday, I was laid off from my job. The first time I was laid off in 2005 (yes, there has been another time) I learned to knit. Because of that, I deemed the layoff a roaring success. Who knows what this layoff holds for my future, but for now it is providing me with some really good Christmas Knitting time! (This is me looking for the silver lining...)

With that in mind I have an update to the Christmas Knitting List, as well as some changes of note. The first is that I am not going to make my Mother the Branching Out scarf, but the My So Called Scarf instead. I really like the simplicity of this scarf, and the way it plays on the subtle changes in the tones of blue in this yarn. I will most likely make my Mother-in-Law the Liesel Scarf, as I have a solid red yarn for her, and the pattern has solidified in my brain a little. Also, after speaking to Jimmy this past weekend, I have decided to make him some nice wool socks instead of a scarf. He needs socks to wear with his work boots to keep his tootsies warm, and I plan to keep them in the Ravens colors of Black and Purple, but will only do the heel and toe in the purple, so that the boys at work won't tease him if they see his socks.

Finished Objects:

1. Grace's Birthday Sweater, Manos Cotton in "Grape" and "Raspberry"
2. Mother-in-Law's Birthday Jaywalker's, Lisa Souza in "Little Devil"
3. Mom's Birthday Jaywalker's, Lisa Souza in "Mardi Gras"
4. Hubby's Christmas Hat and Scarf Set, Manos and Lopi Wool
5. Paul's Christmas Scarf in "Fern" Wool of the Andes
6. Danny's Ziz-Zag Scarf, "Mist" and "Carrot" WotA
7. Charity Liesel Scarf in "Rain" WotA
8. Kelly's Christmas Jaywalkers, Lisa Souza "Sky Drama"
9. Amber's Log Cabin Socks, Patons Classic "Natural"

On the Needles:
1. Father-in-Law's Zig-Zag Scarf in "Stream" WotA (25%)—S:10/20 F:11/11
2. Mom's Christmas Scarf, Lisa Souza Alpaca in "Seamist" (OTN's)—S:11/9 F:11/26
3. Hubby's Log Cabin Socks, Patons Classic in Chocolate
(50%)—S:11/6 F:11/14
4. Dad's Christmas Socks, Lisa Souza in "Gendarme" (75%)—S:11/1 F:11/10
5. Hubby's Christmas V-Neck, Jamesons Worsted in Charcoal (25%)—S:9/1 F:12/25

Still to Knit:
1. Mother-in-Law's Branching Out, Catalina Cotton/Alpaca in red—S:11/5 F:11/12
2. Michael's Christmas Socks, Lisa Souza in "Wild Things"—S:11/5 F:11/12
3. Tony's Christmas Scarf in Cranberry WotA—S:11/12 F:11/19
4. Jimmy's Ravens Socks, "Black" & "Wisteria" WotA—S:11/26 F:12/4


Erin said...

So sorry to hear about the recent turn of events.... But I'm glad to hear that you are keeping positive - that can make all the difference!

Courtney said...

Thanks Erin! I am feeling positive and have a few leads and bites here and hopefully I won't be unemployed for long. :)

Jen said...

I love the idea of Jimmy's socks...I can't wait to see how they turn out. Maybe if they look lovely, I can pay you to make a pair for Matt for his B-day. :p

Courtney said...

LOL, sounds perfect! I hope he'll be able to wear them under his boots...he should be able to.

sillyduckie said...

hello dear!

your blog moves way too fast for me. i'm so sorry to hear about your new job. are the ever positive Courtney i remember from our days on that other board. :D i'm sure you will find something soon! my new job is keeping me busy and i'm still trying to adjust to the whole commute and everything! so, so sorry for falling behind.

i love all the projects you've been up to! i think you, combined with a little shop (called beach knitting) i found across the street from my new office, is making me want to try my hand at knitting. don't get me wrong, paper is still my first love, but...i think it would be fun to knit something for myself...something basic like a scarf. then if i can deal with it, then maybe progress on to other things and things to give away to friends and family.