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Jaywalkers III

Pattern: Jaywalker, by the lovely and talented Grumperina
Yarn: Lisa Souza sock yarn in "Mardi Gras"
Needles: #2 Brittany Birch DPN's
For: Mom's Birthday on December 23rd
Pattern and Notes:
I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I literally have to FORCE myself to knit other socks. Actually, that hasn't even worked I am casting on tonight for yet ANOTHER pair of Jaywalkers. I have to say that this is my favorite color combo thusfar. These warm colors scream "FALL!" to me and they make me want to wrap up next to a fire, drink some spiced cider and read a good book. There is magenta, chocolate brown, purply-blues and bright oranges with the occasional sky blue thrown in for contrast. The colors are literally "yummy." And yes, before you ask, my legs really are that white. Embarassing, I know....but they aren't that fat. So there.


cookie said...

Ahahaha! I think you are suffering from January One syndrome -- the addiction to the lovely Jaywalker pattern. They look lovely!

Courtney said...

thanks cookie! I have to knit another sock pattern....maybe the cool white ones on your site, as soon as the pattern is available.