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Socktoberfest Jaywalker

In the spirit of Socktoberfest (which is just the spirit of drinking while making socks, right?) I give you my cousin Kelly's Jaywalker! Along with the sock is (of course) the beer. Tsingtao. Not a common beer in our house, but we hosted an Asian-themed dinner party recently, and this was left over. It has a nice bite and is smooth and refreshing.
The yarn for this project is Lisa Souza Sock Yarn in "Sky Drama". I really loved the colors when I ordered it because they are all of Kelly's favorites. Purples, pinks and tealy blue-greens. I hope she loves them. I made them a little shorter than usual, because I know where she likes her socks to hit her. Also, the only other modification thusfar is that I have knit them with #1's, which means that after the heel gussets, I left 18 (instead of the recommended 16) stitches on the plain stockingnette bottoms. I did this because they are tight on me, having been knit on #1's, and she and I both have wide feet. Seemed like a smart play.
Anyway, I am moving along on them, which makes me happy! Also, I have to thank my ever-patient husband for holding the hank of yarn while I wound it into a center-pull ball. Though, it should be noted that his comment at the end of it was "Please send me a link to the ballwinder and swift you want so that my Dad can get it for you for Christmas." TeeHee.
P.S. I SWEAR the next sock I knit will not be a Jaywalker. :)


Dipsy D. said...

Ahhh, this beer looks yummy! I've never tried Asian beer before, guess it's about time, no? And I so love your Jaywalkers, they look fantastic in these cheerful colors - great! Happy knitting!

Courtney said...

It's pretty good. It has a decidedly different taste, as most of it is made from or with rice. It is light and slightly bitter. All in all, very yummy!
Thanks for the Jaywalker compliments! I am so happy knitting them, because I am so familiar with the pattern at this point. I need to knit another pattern though, or the entire knitting community will think I can only knit that one.