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Christmas Knitting List—Updated

Finished Objects:
1. Grace's Birthday Sweater, Manos Cotton in "Grape" and "Raspberry"
2. Mother-in-Law's Birthday Jaywalker's, Lisa Souza in "Little Devil"
3. Mom's Birthday Jaywalker's, Lisa Souza in "Mardi Gras"
4. Hubby's Christmas Hat and Scarf Set, Manos and Lopi Wool
5. Paul's Christmas Scarf in "Fern" Wool of the Andes
6. Danny's Ziz-Zag Scarf, "Mist" and "Carrot" WotA

On the Needles:
1. Charity Liesel Scarf in WotA "Rain" (65%)—S:10/9 F:10/29
2. Kelly's Christmas Jaywalkers, Lisa Souza in "Sky Drama" (40%)—S:10/22 F:10/30
3. Father-in-Law's Zig-Zag Scarf in "Stream" WotA (20%)—S:10/0 F:12/4
3. Hubby's Christmas V-Neck, Jamesons Worsted in Charcoal (25%)—S:9/1 F:12/25
4. Dad's Christmas Socks, Lisa Souza in "Gendarme" (50%)—S:7/1 F:12/18

Still to Knit:
1. Mother-in-Law's Branching Out, Catalina Cotton/Alpaca in red—S:10/30 F:11/6
2. Amber's Mata Hari Socks, Lisa Souza in "Black"—S:11/6 F:11/13
3. Tony's One Row Scarf in Cranberry WotA—S:11/13 F:11/20
4. Mom's Branching Out, Lisa Souza Alpaca in "Seamist"—S:11/20 F:11/27
5. Jimmy's Ravens Scarf, "Black" & "Wisteria" WotA—S:12/4 F:12/11
6. Hubby's Log Cabin Socks, Patons Classic—S:12/11 F:12/18
7. Michael's Ribbed Socks, Lisa Souza in "Wild Things"—S:12/11 F:12/18

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