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WIP—Father-in-Law's Christmas Scarf

I loved the look of Danny's Zig Zag Scarf so much that I decided to do my Father-in-Law's the same way. It is in the beautiful peacock blue that I had shown you in a previous post. At that time it was a cabled scarf. The pattern was from Vogue, but I just wan't digging the way it was coming out. So, I ripped it all out and started from scratch. I have twice as much of this color as I did of the yarn for Danny's scarf. So, this one will be wider and much longer. I think that in the one color it will be just the thing for my Father-in-Law.
(I wish I could photograph this blue better. It is not quite this vivid in real life. More subtle and a little darker.)
Hmmm, looking at the photo, I haven't made nearly as much progress as I would like. I need to have this finished soon, but not until I complete the charity scarf. That takes main priority right now because I have to have it to my friend on the 2nd of November. I am fully prepared to overnight it to her on the 1st because I have no concept of how long wet blocking it will take and it needs to be wet blocked as it is lace and currently looks quite lumpy indeed!
Also on the needles to be finished toot sweet are Kelly's Christmas Jaywalkers. Kelly, by the way, is Grace's Mommy. I am knitting for the whole family this year!

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