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Coming down and moving on

Now that the Shetland is complete, I'm determined to also finish up a few other UFO's that have lingered for too long.

First up: I'd like to get the Endpaper's done soon, so that I can wear them at the office (it's cold in there.) I may have to undo the last few rows though, because I tried doing the stranded knitting with two hands it it wreaked havoc on my tension. If not though, they should go pretty quick, I mean, the pattern isn't hard, it just requires a little attention.

Secondly: I'd like to complete the Roza's Socks soon. I started them ages ago, and at that time they were intended for me. However, I've decided that they are perfect socks for my Aunt, so I'll be pulling the toe out of the completed one and lengthening it some and then finishing up the other. They really are almost done no excuses.

The other two projects require more thought. Lady Eleanor is a long term commitment, and I only like to work a row here and there every once and a while. The enterlac is all very relaxing for me, and I really enjoy it, so I don't want to just hurry up and finish this one. I anticipate having this on the needles until Fall.

isn't really coming along all that well. I'm not enamored with it at all. It's OK, but not great. I can't decide if I should keep going with it or if I should just throw in the towel. I'm putting it in time out for now and I'll reconsider once I've had some time to think.

Of course I cast on for another project recently, which I haven't shared with you, or taken photos of. I'm such a sneaky blogger. It's the February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers and I'm in love. it's coming along very nicely, but I'm only going to allow myself to work on it here and there until more progress is made on my UFO's. (At least that's what I'm telling myself...we'll see how it goes.)


Jen said...

Technically, if you have February Lady on some needles, it IS a UFO... Not that I want to encourage you or anything!

Jen said...

So, what did you decide on Scribble? I have to say, I don't love the pattern, so I vote for frogging and making something you love.