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Knitting Olympics

I need some advice, and I'm turning to you, my faithful readers. I have to decide what project to cast on for during the Knitting Olympics...I've listed the options below, please vote on what you think I should work on:
  1. A sweater. Something cute, fun, and slightly complicated (so that it's enough of a challenge, but not so difficult as to make it impossible.)
  2. UFO's. This year finishing up all of your UFO's is a category I'd finish the Endpapers, Roza's, and February Lady Sweater. (I want the Lady E to be a long term project because I enjoy it so even though it's technically an UFO...I wouldn't consider it as required to "win".)
  3. Socks. My husbands suggestion. Something challenging and entertaining, but nothing as not to drive me insane.
I need help. Vote in the comments please....


Shelley said...

Socks = easy choice. If you're looking for the harder road, I say UFOs. They're unfinished for a reason and maybe this is incentive!!'re giving me lots of food for thought :)

Hope you're good - lots of knitting going on here! :) S.

Jemima Jones Beck said...

UFO's are the only way to go!

Elizabeth said...

I would go with the UFOs. It's always so satisfying to finish a bunch of projects. And then you can start a pair of socks or a sweater with a clear conscience!

Anonymous said...

I'll say sweater. :P I want to do a cardigan myself for the Olympics! A sweater is definitely a daunting choice, but in my opinion more exciting than socks or UFOs - unless you have a LOT of UFOs, in which case that choice could be just as daunting. ;)

The hardest part is finding a pattern you like... :P