Pink lady knits


UFO's it is...

it seems that the overwhelming majority of people voted for UFO's (I had some real life votes as well), and so I've decided to tackle that this Knitting Olympics. I'm actually excited!
This means that I will complete:
1. A pair of Endpaper Mitts
2. A February Lady Sweater
3. A pair of Roza's Socks
4. The sewing for the Log Cabin Moderne blanket for Natalie
5. Potentially the rest of the Farmer's Market Bag (but it will probably be done already)
Wow, it looks like a lot when it's listed out like that...wish me luck!


Kel said...

go go go go go !!! :-)

Shelley said...


PS: When you're done with those Endpapers, can't wait to see them. I ripped mine - can get the tension right! But I'm willing to give it another go, might just need some tutoring. :)

Jen said...

Farmers Market Bag, you say? I love it!