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Plan of Attack

So...I've impulsively signed up for two Ravelympics Teams this year; WIP Wrestling and Sweater Sprint.

I realize that this was probably a bad idea...since I'm unlikely to complete both events successfully. However, I do enjoy a challenge. My main focus is the WIP Wrestling, I'm really committed to getting these projects off the needles.

That said, here is my Ravelympic Schedule:

08.08.08 - 08.11.08: Complete Roza's Socks

08.10.08: Complete Moderne Log Cabin
by sewing on backing fabric and quilting

08.12.08 - 08.17.08: Complete Endpaper Mitts

08.18.08 - 08.24.08: Complete February Lady Sweater

If I get ahead of schedule and find myself with time on my hands, my plan it to tackle an Anthropologie Capelet in a nice light blue tweed. But only once the WIP Wrestling challenge is complete!

I will need a bit of a cheering section to make these deadlines tolerable! I'll be taking lots of photos and posting lots of updates to track my progress. I'm hoping to complete these on time, and win myself a GOLD!


Elizabeth said...

Woo hoo! Go for it, and good luck!

Lolly said...

Very ambitious goals! Good for you - can't wait to see ;)