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Shetland Triangle

Pattern: Shetland Triangle
Yarn: Filatura di Crossa Superior
Needles: #4 Addi Turbos

Ah, the Shetland Triangle. My Everest. Apparently lace knitting is not my thing. I kinda always thought it would be though, since it's so pretty and detailed (and anyone who knows me know that I'm a detail-oriented person who is really into pretty things.) Alas, it's simply not for me. Sure, the finished product is beautiful, but the months spent talking myself into knitting at least a row each night just weren't fun.

Despite all of the frustrations and pain, I am smitten with the finished product. The yarn is decidedly smooshy and soft. It has real fuzz to it, which I think is a nice change of pace from the other Shetlands out there. Also, I chose to knit this in lace weight yarn as opposed to the recommended fingering weight (in retrospect, this just lengthened the misery for me.)

The finished piece of lace isn't even for me, it's a gift for a good friend. The fact that I finished it is a testament to my devotion, because frankly, I wanted to stop several times. I'm so glad I persevered though, and I know she will be too!
I didn't change much in the pattern with the exception of the number of body repeats. Instead of 8, I did a total of 11...which was plenty. I didn't block this to within an inch of it's life either, it was only loosely if Jen ever wants it larger, she can always take the time to make it so. I wanted it to retain some of it's sproingyness (which I realize isn't a word.)

All in all, I'd say this project was a success, but I couldn't be happier to have it off my needles! Now on to something that ISN'T lace!


Jen said...

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks AMAZING! It is, indeed, intricate and sproingy and soft and wonderful. And if ever we do another knit/crochet exchange, I promise to select something simple and small...socks??

Preita said...

It looks FABULOUS! I'm with you on the lace. I like to do it in socks but that's about it. Small easily finished projects. I do want to do the swallowtail shawl, but sometime in the future.

And "Sproingier" totally a word in the world of knitting! :D

Javajem said...

Beautiful shawl!
As for lace - stick with it! It does get easier. When I first tried lace - it was very bad... but now I love it!