Pink lady knits



I've always admired color work, but hadn't been drawn to it until just recently. Late last year, I looked at my knitting skills and decided that though I was pleased with them, there was room for improvement. I've never been one to be pleased with "good enough" I went in search of "better", and found it in several new techniques. The first (and arguably now my favorite) was enterlac. After that I tackled seaming, which has proven very helpful. Then I moved on to lace, and more lace, which was exciting and fun. Now, I present to you, Color Work.

Something about this pattern enticed me. The tiny "diamonds" look like fleur de lis to me, and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for that ever-present French icon. I liked that it was a relatively simple stranded pattern for me to cut my teeth on, and I knew that I had some yarn in my stash that would do the job justice (Dale of Norway, Baby Ull, leftover from this charming sweater for Grace).

The only thing I changed was the cast on. I know, I was supposed to be trying new things! But, one new thing at a time is best for me, so that I can master them before moving on (see the "good enough" comment above.) I did a standard long tail cast on and then a twisted 1x1 rib. Once I changed to the color work, I did several repeats with the colors reversed...which was very frustrating. My stitches were also inconsistent, and so, I ripped back to the ribbing and started over.

After the Holidays I dedicated more time to completing these, and I must say I'm very pleased with how the first one has turned out, and I'm looking forward to having the second one complete.


Amber said...

Simply lovely, fantastic job! :)I need to make some of those mitts one of these days ;)

ekgheiy said...

Those are absolutely lovely Courtney!!

Erin said...

Beautiful!! I really like the colors! Fantastic job! P.S. Thank you sooo much for the beautiful yarns! They are so soft, and I love the colors! Once I'm done with wedding knitting, I can't wait to make something nice from them! It'll be hard to choose just what to make I'm sure, but I'll enjoy thinking about it a lot!

Courtney said...

amber - thanks so much! they are a super fun and fast (provided that you've done colorwork before!) knit that are really very handy when completed.

ekgheiy - thanks a million! I'm pleased with how they are coming out.

erin - thanks, i hope that you can tell that the green is more green than before. i took them outside and the green was positively it may be best for me to photograph them outside for the "final shoot". :)
I'm so glad that you like the yarn. I had the hardest time picking something out, it's so difficult to pick something for someone else. There were like 5 ladies in the shop trying to convince me of different things.

Shelley said...

OOH...pretty...I bought some yarn awhile back with these in mind, so now I'll have to start! They're a little intimidating, however - I might need your tutelage :)

Let's go knit! Are you free after work next Thursday the 17th? I'll be in your neighborhood... Let me know and I'll shame Peter into coming and bringing his sorry excuses along with him :)