Pink lady knits



Pattern: Danica, from Knitty
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, #175
Needles: #6 Addi Turbos

I remember flipping through Scarf Style and seeing the Lady Eleanor enterlac wrap and thinking that it was so impressive as a technique, and beautiful as a finished piece. I wanted to know how it was done, but I didn't feel talented enough to learn. A few weeks ago, after joining Ravelry and seeing all of the beautiful Lady Eleanor's and Danica's, I knew I had to button down and master the technique...and you know what? It was EASY!

I love this scarf for all of its colors and am constantly entranced by the interlocking squares. It will go with almost anything and is so warm. I loved the process of knitting this, it was mindless but fun and seemed to grow at an alarming rate. It is very good practice for picking up stitches and doing different decreases.

The yarn was lovely to knit with and is a pleasure to wear. If you are unaccustomed to Noro, be warned that it isn't really smooth, clean, or "nature" free...but knit with it anyway because it is amazing. One of my other favorite yarns (Cottage Craft 1 ply) is the same way...and so beautiful in it's simplicity. When I washed this scarf to block it I was amazed at how much brown stuff was left in the water, and it required three rinses before it was completely clear. However, it never bled in the blocking process, and I used a white towel. I hope that means that the color will last forever because that truly is what is remarkable about this yarn.

An important credit note: The photographs are courtesy of Megan Levelle.

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TeaMouse said...

How many skeins did you need for the scarf? I am planning on doing one for my boss but I want it to be a gentlemen's length for just under his coat.