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Year-end Knitting Analysis

(courtesy of A Mingled Yarn)
1. What is your absolute favorite project you've ever knit (one that fulfilled both process and product)?
Oooooh, that's a toss up between Mesilla and Michael's Christmas Socks. They were both magically delicious, and I can't wait for Stefanie's book to come out, I will wait in line for it. :)

2. Which of your handknits do you wear the most often?
My Jaywalkers. Though I have a total of 5 pairs under my belt, only one pair was for me! I wear them ALL THE TIME.

3. Which of your handknits are you most proud of?
Though not finished, my Irish Diamond Shawl. I am not a lace knitter by nature (though I am trying really hard) and it is so beautiful, I can't wait to wear it. Oh, and there isn't a single mistake in it! (Not that I didn't make any, just that I went back and corrected them all.)

4. What was your favorite gift to knit?
Grace's Second Birthday Sweater. The yarn was like a dream to work with, and it was so darned little and cute!

5. Which of your handknits are gathering dust your closet?
My "Boobholder" because I bound off the arms too tight. One day, when I have some free time (ha!) I will go back and bind them off looser.

6. Which of your handknits have you gotten rid of?
None. I can't bear to part with them. I even have the swatch that I learned on. It is riddled with mistakes and pulled yarn, but it is part of my "knitting history", apparently I am a sentimentalist when it comes to wool.

7. If you've knit socks, what is your favorite pattern?
LOL, I'll give you three guesses.....

8. What would you like to make in 2007?
So many things! Whitby, Monkey, more Jaywalkers, several of the patterns from "Wrap Style" (which I bought today!), some chunky knit purses, a few sweaters...the list goes on and on!

9. What have you learned about your craft in 2006?
To only knit what I love, or it will just collect dust in my knitting basket.

10. What events/sites have you particularly enjoyed in the blogosphere in 2006?
Knit the Classics, everyone that I am linked to in my sidebar and Socktoberfest!

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