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Post-Christmas Update

Well, I managed to finish my Christmas knitting! I completed Jimmy's second sock two days out, and I was really pleased with the results. Christmas Eve, I managed to finish my Mother in Law's Liesel, though it was wrapped in an unblocked state (it is blocking in the basement now.) Christmas morning, before we went to see him, I finished Tony's scarf as well. The feeling I had when the yarn came off those needles is hard to describe. There was sheer joy at the "doneness" of it all, and bliss at knowing that I could knit something for me whenever I wanted. However, the euphoria quickly faded, and I wanted something to knit, I felt like I needed something to knit. And so, just before midnight on Christmas Day, I came home and started a pair of socks for me. Just simple stockingnette socks, in the lovely Gedifra in the chocolates, pinks and reds, and they are scrumptous. The yarn is delicious, soft and luxurious, nice to knit with. Simple, easy, coming along slowly (because there is no rush!)....but most importantly, they are for me. I want to try a toe up sock with the next Gedifra colorway (they will have rainbow stripes) mainly because I want to try the short row heels and the figur eight cast on, and because I will be able to knit the socks to have the longest possible legs with a picot edge.

The best knitting-related gift I got for Christmas was my swift and ball winder. I know that most of you probably already have one, but they are AWESOME!!! I set it up at my kitchen table last night and wound 4 balls of yarn (one grey worsted wool, one Lornas Laces in Fresh Stripe, one Woolworks Sock in Pretty in Pink and one Schaeffer Anne in a Midnight color.) I am still getting the hang of it, and I will have a photo of it from tonight to post for all of you to see. I also got a $50 gift card to JoAnn for yarn, which I think will go toward the cover project from Knit Simple this month. Only, I am going to make mine MUCH bigger and use it as my new knitting bag!

Photos of finished Christmas projects, my socks and my ball winder and swift coming up soon, so, stay tuned...


Jen said...

Congrats, babe...YOU DID IT!

Jen said...

...Now get started on the shizz for next year.