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A Weekend Away

I am going to Michigan this weekend with my Mother for our family reunion. Tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. my Mother will be picking me up and we are hitting the road for the weekend. Since we will be in the car for about 10 to 12 hours each way, I plan to bring knitting with me. I am only bringing deadline related projects, however, and the list is short.

1. Bed Shrug. I am quickly approaching a deadline on this thing. We are 48 days away from when it needs to be blocked and sewn...and I am only a few repeats in. The lace is
simple and enjoyable. I have been putting it off because of two things: 1) I have to "get into" the right mode for #2 needles and yarn this fine and 2) I messed up the lace pattern and I am not sure I am happy with the solution I came up with to correct it. It is an 8 row repeat where the right side pattern is done twice both times and the wrong side is purled each row. I was only doing the right side pattern one time for technically it is still "in pattern", but it's a shorter version of it. I figured I would just mimic the same thing on the other side and call it "design" and my husband said it was a good idea. Thing is, I can't really rip at this point. With this little time left, I really need to get going. So, I am going to measure this before I go and if it looks like it meets the size I need it to be, I am going to go for it and knit, knit, knit this puppy on my trip. I am hoping to come back with it at least 1/2 way completed.

2. Hedera. My Sockapalooza 4 socks. I have one complete and need to cast on for the second sock. I got a little SSS with this one. I tend to make my second sock a lot tighter than the first, so I got a pair of #1's that are just a teeny bit larger than the pair I have been knitting my first sock on. I am going to trick my hands into making these both the same size! I am only bringing these so that I can have a break from the Bed Shrug, but honestly, they are second priority. I know I could knit this in a day if I "had to", so I am not placing much urgency on it for now. For

I am returning Sunday night and will take photos of my progress then. In the meantime, I leave you with a photo of Tucker.

Tucker is an English Bulldog that my husband and I have been trying to adopt for quite some time. He is coming to live with us on Monday (which makes me look forward to Monday - rare!) and we are ecstatic! We are so happy to have this new addition to our family. There are updated "family" photos forthcoming.


Elizabeth said...

You can do it! That second sock will go so much faster than you think - that's what I always tell myself when I'm balking at starting the second one. Have a good trip.

tekopp said...

That's the cutest dog I've seen in a long time :)

Courtney said...

Elizabeth - thanks! I was shocked at how fast it moved along...but with my relatives all asking what I was doing, I wasn't able to get to the heel (try as I might). I do think it will move fast this week though, I plan to take it to knit on in line for Harry Potter. :)
Tekopp - Thanks! I'll have nice photos of him soon. My first project for him will be a scarf for the coming winter. :)