Pink lady knits


1/2 a pair down...

I finished the first of my Sockapalooza 4 socks this weekend! I am knitting my pal a pair of Hedera in Fleece Artist "Brick" Merino. This yarn is knitting up really well, and the tight plying is making for some beautifully defined lace stitches. It looks lovely on the foot (I'll wash it, I promise!) but I liked the way this shot showed off my first Short Row Heel! (Many thanks go to the women of the Pligg who helped me dig up the tutorials on this technique.)

1/2 a pair of Hedera.

Also, the little gift that I sent along to my pal was received and loved. She was very pleased with it and I am glad it made it's way to her. I have one more small gift before the big one makes it's way to her.


Jen said...

It looks great! How is everything else coming along??

Lauren said...

Oh, that's lovely!

Courtney said...

Jen - I have also made progress on my Roza's Socks and the Bed Shrug...but not much else. I plan to use this weekend (in Deep Creek) to move through some bigger projects.
Lauren - Thanks so much!