Pink lady knits


Passing on the knowledge

A few months ago, my friend Peter expressed an interest in learning to knit. Last night we met up at Teavolve and I showed him the basics. I would like to break up the lessons into three parts: Lesson One - Cast on and Knit stitch, Lesson Two - Purl Stitch and Bind off, Lesson Three - Increases and Decreases. He did exceptionally well with Lesson One, he is a pro! He mastered Casting on and was very careful to practice over and over again, taking breaks so that he could pretend that he had walked away from his knitting for a few minutes. Once he was comfortable with that, he went on to knit several rows and had no trouble at all. Then, he went so far as to rip it out and cast on again and knit more! He has strict orders to practice at least 30 minutes a day! Once he is back from the beach we plan to schedule our next knit night.

Here is a photo of him with the Cascade Pastaza and Brittany needles that our mutual friend Shelley gifted to him for his birthday. Doesn't he look natural with knitting needles in his hands? (Sorry about the red eye Peter!)
Also, not to be outdone by Peter learning to knit, my basement demands to be shown. We had the cork flooring installed today and it is beautiful. Check it out:

The long shot, notice my Project Spectrum wall color!

And the glamour shot of the cork. 100% renewable and 100% beautiful!


La Cabeza Grande said...

Well done, you! I love teaching people to knit.

That cork is awfully pretty, too.

Shelley said...

How cute is Peter?! How great is that green wool?! How jealous am I that I missed the knitting lesson?!?! Looks like you guys had lots of fun - is he a picker like you or a wrapper like me? Next time I'm in town, we'll all knit together! Happy belated birthday, BTW - talk to you soon!

Peter said...

Because you are such a wonderful teacher, you are forgiven for the red eye! I packed for the beach last knit - yarn and needles are ready to go. I'll drop you a line next week.

Erin said...

Yes, I must add that Courtney is a wonderful knitting teacher!! She got me totally hooked on it! I'm surprised how many people want to try it after hearing that I knit. Maybe someday I'll teach someone too, it must be fun to share something that you love so much, and see other people love it too!

Courtney said...

Karen - (I read/commented on your blog at the same time you came to mine! That's where I saw your name too...) Thanks for the comments! I have taught 3 people to knit and the two prior to Peter fell in love with it, I can only hope for the same from him.
I am in love with my cork, thanks for the compliments!

Shelley - We missed you too! He was so diligent and was concentrating really hard...the consummate trainer!
The wool you gave him was beautiful, I wanted to steal it to make the V-Neck Pullover from Fitted Knits!
I am teaching him continental style, it's the one I am most comfortable he's a picker! Next time you are in town - I can't believe you are gone already - let me know and we'll have a special welcome-shelley-back-to-town-knit-night!

Peter - Awww, thanks! You should have fun at the beach with your yarn, but more fun in the car on the way down there if I know you! Call me when you are back and we'll plan for Lesson Two!

Erin - Thanks (to all those who don't know Erin was the first person I taught to knit) for the compliments! I was so impressed with the way you ran with it, the bug really bit you my dear. We are going to have so much fun knitting in Vegas when we see eachother this Fall. Be sure to find out all of the good local yarn stores so that we can pop in and buy lots of their stuff! :)