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I caved...

over the weekend and bought this. I only recently began to read Interweave, and so I only have about 4 or 5 issues, none of which include these patterns. Consequently, it was a good solid investment for me at $22. I love so many of these, but think I will be knitting the Uptown Boot socks first (these beautiful examples were knit by Grumperina and Little Purl of the Orient.) I really like the way these socks knit up and how they compliment variegated yarns. I think after that I will be knitting the infamous Embossed Leaves and the Waving Lace. I love those patterns and so many more from this book and I think it will keep me plenty busy and happily knitting socks for many months to come.
Also, unrelated to the book, but still in regards to socks, I will be knitting myself a Monkey or two and a pair of Sidewinders soon. I am looking forward to exploring sideways knitting, the socks modeled on Nona's feet look so great that I am excited to get started. I thought I would make it further than this in resisting the internet Monkey invasion (is it just me or are they like the Beatles of the knitting world?) but apparently I am weak.

My sock pal offering is knitting up nicely. I spent Saturday morning ripping out the heel flap and concentrating very hard on making the perfect short row heel. It is lovely and fits quite well, so I am pleased. I have done a few more rounds of the lace pattern and I am really excited about these socks. I think that they will make my pal very happy indeed! I sent her a little gift today in the form of some yarn and other tidbits...hopefully she likes what she sees so far! I have been stalking the knit pligg daily trying to look for clues as to who may be knitting for me, it's so exciting not knowing!
And just so that it isn't a pictureless post, I plan to use these yarns for some of the socks mentioned in this post.

From L to R: Mountain Colors "Mountain Tango" for the Monkey's, Mountain Colors "Magenta" for the Uptown Boot Socks and Cloverhill Yarns "Merlot" for the Sidewinders.

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