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Prima Foster

Pattern: Mr. Foster
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll
Needles: #1 DPN's and Circular (for tutu)

Notes: This is Grace's fifth birthday gift (annual tradition of knitting over here, see this, this, this, and this for more) and I do believe she loved it. We call her The Monkey, and to be honest, I'm not sure why. She's not a climber, and she looks nothing like an ape, but it fits her somehow. When I saw the pattern for Mr. Foster, I knew I needed to knit her one for her birthday. However, upon request from her Mother and Grandmother, I make it a "Miss Foster" and made her a ballerina instead of a Doctor because Gracie loves ballerinas.

The only mods I did were to knit the ears flat and knit them by picking up stitches (instead of attaching them) and to knit the tail as an i-cord all in one color by picking up stitches. Both of these mods were due to a severe lack of time in the 11th hour...not due to the pattern in any way.

The tutu was super easy to make, I just knit a strip of garter and then increased severely in tiers. I made two button holes in the back and tied the two sides together with beautiful 100% silk ribbon (from Paper Source if you are looking) and I think it provided the perfect finishing touch.

This yarn is beautiful to work with. It's soft and well made, and produces a beautiful fabric. Also, it's washable, which is excellent. I'd recommend this one for sure. The pattern was fun. The legs and arms were tedious for me, but I think that's just me. Most people seem to really enjoy knitting this pattern, and I can certainly say that I was pleased with the outcome. Better pics coming soon...

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ekgheiy said...

AAWWW! Way too cute!!!