Pink lady knits



Project: Whisper Cardigan
Yarn: Unknown Green Laceweight
Needles: #6 Addi Turbos, #6 Addi DPN's, #4 Addi Turbos

I love this cardigan. It's warn, but not heavy. It's airy, but it doesn't flit around the body so much that you are always adjusting it. It's a lovely green color...and it's so soft! In short, it's a winner.

The pattern is easy to follow and well written. I didn't have a single question along the way, and only made one tiny alteration. Once the back reached 8", I did a row of purl stitches on the knit site, and then knit 3 more rows in stockinette and then bound off. I wanted the bottom not to curl very much, and this seems to do the trick.

You may also notice my new shorter hair...I just cut it all off on Saturday, and as we speak 11" is winding its way to Locks of Love in Florida. If you've never donated, I encourage you to, it's a great feeling.


Elizabeth said...

Pretty! I like the celadon color. And how lovely of you to donate to Locks of Love.

Courtney said...

Thanks Lady! :)

I hope that they make a nice wig out of it. There was enough of it, 11 inches!