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Progress on Sake San

The Sake San sweater is moving along quite well. I've finished the body, and done the button bands and the neck band, and have even sewn on buttons (in a bright cherry red from the vintage button collection).

Additionally, the first sleeve it to the elbow, and is knitting up very fast as I'm decreasing every 6th charcoal stripe. I have to finish up the Mr. Foster I'm working on (who will actually be a Ms. Foster and she will be a ballerina, not a Doctor) and then I'll finish up this sweater.

I've enjoyed knitting it. It is very low stress, and since it's not a pattern, it's easy to take from place to place and not worry...the nice part is that it looks like it will be very snug for the Winter months here in Baltimore.


Shelley said...

Wow, Court, that looks so awesome - the red buttons totally make it!

Lanas said...

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Good luck! :D