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Grand Plans

I'm almost finished with my Whisper Cardigan, and I love it. I'll finish it up tonight, which is good. Once I'm done with that I'll be left with a decision; finish up some existing projects or cast on something new.

I'm tempted to cast on for something new. I mean, there are so many cool things in my queue, and I have tons of yarn around the house that I'd love to knit into pretty little things. I'd love to use the Malabrigo Lace I have in "Glazed Carrot" to make another Clementine Shawlette. I'd also really like to use the new Noro Taiyo I picked up with in New Orleans to make a Counterpane Carpet Bag. Or even the beautiful Silky Wool I got in this deep rose color to make a Silk Cocoon Cardigan or Kingscot. So many possibilities, and my fingers are itching for a new project.


I should be good and finish what I've started. I should take some time and complete the Selbu Modern hat that I began working on in the Winter. I should knit the mate to my husbands socks, so that he can start wearing them. Then, maybe then, I'd feel OK with casting on something new. I could work on the new project (whatever it ends up being) while also knitting on Lady E or even Sake San. I would feel no knitters guilt.

Let's see if I can stick to these grand plans...

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