Pink lady knits



Whisper is moving along really well. Since this photo I've also completed the collar and started the back portion (actually I'm about 2" into it). I'm really excited to get this one off the needles and into my weekly rotation of outfits...but as I'm increasing on each side of the back piece on every row it's taking longer and longer to complete a knit and purl repeat.

Soon this will be finished. After that I plan to revisit either my hubby's socks, Lady Eleanor, or the Selbu hat. We'll see. I'll also be knitting some hats and booties for a friend of mine who has some upcoming babies in her life. It will be nice to work with the cashmerino again. That's all for now...


ekgheiy said...

You always do such nice work. Is there any color that *doesn't* look good on you?! :-)

Courtney said... are too sweet! and yes, orange looks AWFUL on me. :)