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Jacquie's Socks

Pattern: An amalgam of several
Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura
Needles: #1 Susan Bates DPN's

Notes: My husband works with a woman named Jacquie who is a very special person. She is kind and considerate and often travels to small rural villages in Guatemala to help build schools and hospitals...all on her vacation leave. When she found out that I was having surgery last May she gave me a "Mama" which is an African Fertility Idol that had been blessed when she was last in Africa. She had passed it from woman to woman, and it seemed to help each of them with their health issues, and a few weeks after my surgery, she passed it on to me. I feel so honored that she did, and it does seem to have helped a lot. I knew right away that I would need to knit her something, and socks seemed like the obvious choice.

I let my husband pick out the yarn for these, Trekking Pro Natura. It's a nice blend of Wool and Bamboo. He said that the colors were perfect for her and knowing what little I do of her, I tend to agree.

I gave these to her a few days ago and they fit like a dream. She is very pleased...and knowing that makes me want to knit for her more often. I may get the chance because when she was in Guatemala last, she managed to score me some hand spun lace weight yarn in natural off-white and natural tan. Perhaps something out of that would be appropriate.

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