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I'm a Rebel...

Without a Cause!
Remember how I told you I wasn't going to work on anything new until I made a serious dent in my WIP's? Well, I've already broken that bad am I?!
I have an excuse though (like any half decent addict,) ready to hear it?
See, several months ago I promised my sister in law that I'd make her a garter for her wedding, I even queued a pattern on Ravelry. Then I forgot. Until two days ago. Thing is, her wedding is two days from now! So I had to cast on, right? I mean, what's a girl to do? So I went to the yarn shop and bought myself a beautiful ball of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere in baby blue (she requested it as her "Something Blue") and cast on right away. I knew that my plans of making something lacy and complic
ated were going right out the window when I only had 4 days to complete the whole project, so I bought a thicker yarn than I would have liked. (Though, I'd like to think that the fiber content makes up for that!) Here it is so far:

I know, not much done yet, huh? But actually, it's coming along OK. I'm going to knit it and seam it up in the 2 hour car ride to the Eastern Shore for the rehearsal tomorrow. I plan to do an eyelet row in the center and thread a ribbon through it, which should look really nice. I'm also going to put elastic into it so that it stays up (actually, my hubby is at the store right now picking that up.) Overall, I'm happy.
So, you are taking pity on me right now, thinking, "Well, she clearly needed to cast that on, so I agree with her decision, and don't judge her for breaking her vow." But the truth is that I haven't been completely honest with you.
I also cast on for another project.
I know, I know! It's such a trap!!! But, this one is stellar and I really love it, so that makes it OK, right? No? Well, it's still pretty, wanna see?

OK, so it's not pretty yet. But it's going to be...if you want to see what it will become, click here. I really think this one is going to be one of my favorite projects. It has just enough instructions so that I'll feel really proud when I'm done, but not so many that I balked at casting it on (obviously.)
Anyway, that's it, I go back to your regularly scheduled programs and forget about that pesky little vow I took... ;)
What's that? How am I feeling? Actually, I'm much better, thank you. There is some bruising on my abdomen, which is very common, and it hurts a bit when I lean against things, or when my jeans poke at my belly (why can't they design them so that they don't do this?!) but otherwise, I'm on the mend. :)


ekgheiy said...

Oh you are such a bad influence. Here I am fighting the urge to cast on somethinge new before I finish my MKP 3:10 to Yuma, and then I come here to read about your WIP naughtiness! *lol* I'm sure she'll love her 'something blue'. Oo, oo, you should get her a wedding time capsule! She could put the garter in it (among other wonderful things)!! :) I think that'd be pretty darn neat. Here's a small one ...

I'm sure there are bigger ones out there though ...

raining sheep said...

That is going to be such a cute sweater especially in that color. Make sure you post pics when you are done. Cashmere garter? that is the ultimate in decadence - awesome choice.