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Mother's Day Socks

I am fortunate this year to have had Mother's Day postponed for me. It fell on the weekend of my Sister in Law's wedding, so it was just bad timing. This weekend is also bad because of my Mother's graduation ceremony (she's getting her Master's Degree in Nursing!) On Sunday she leaves for Paris for a week, and so that leave next weekend out as well....which means that I have through Memorial Day to finish these socks!

As you can see, I have completed one. Not pictured is the beginnings of another, and it's coming along swimmingly. I have made only one modification to these, and it (like many) was born of a mistake. I didn't carefully read the cuff instructions, so my lace tilted. I was about to tear it out, and then realized that I liked it. More than the way the pattern was supposed to look. So I left it. I hope that my Mom likes it too...


Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney - sorry for replying to you in your comments, but I couldn't find an email address for you... anyway, thanks for the kind words on my Razor cami, and no, unfortunately we didn't have time to go to a spa. But I guess that just leaves us a reason to go back!

Courtney said...

Hey there - That's ok, I guess I should put my email up on the blog, huh? :)
There are some amazing ones there, one in particular that I went to last time we visited. Let me know if you go back and I'll get you the name and website.