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WIP Parade

I don't know if you've noticed...but the sidebar is getting a little ridiculous!
I'm pretty sure I've never had this many projects on the needles at once...and it's starting to make me a little queasy. I need to finish some of these up!

  • I plan to work on the lovely blue socks at work...and intend to finish those by Mother's they are for my Mom...she is anxiously awaiting them!

  • The Moderne Log Cabin Blanket also has an important deadline...the birth of little Miss "Poppy", which is slated to occur on June 7th. However, I should note that this is just the first in a long line of projects that I want to complete for her (and her big sister) by the sooner the better on this one, really.

  • The Shetland (also known as my Arch Nemesis) should be completed by the first week of May because it's future owner would like to show it Paris...and I can't think of a better place for a coming out party.

  • Lady E is for me...and is in thick wool, so there's no rush on that one, thank GOD.

  • Scribble is for my bestest friend Katie, for her birthday which falls at the end of May. The 20th to be exact. This isn't a trying knit...nor is it one that should take a long I'm confident.

  • I'd originally intended the Roza's socks for me...but now I'm thinking that I'll pick out the toe in one and add a little length and give them to my Aunt. She was promised socks a while ago and I think she'll love the simplicity of these. Not hard and fast deadline on these though, so they will continue to languish.

  • And finally, the beautiful Endpapers. These are also for me...and because of that, they will get no love for a while. I enjoy working on them, and really want to hone my colorwork skills, but they aren't as pressing as some of the others.
There you have embarrassingly long list of WIP's. I must take an oath:
(raises right hand...)
From this point forth I will not start a new project until one, or more, of these is finished. I will not look longingly in my stash at the beautiful yarn I have there and think "What could I make with that?" until I've cast off and sewn in the ends on some of these beauties. Because, let's face it, they are all nice projects. They just need a little TLC...and luckily for them, the doctor is IN.


raining sheep said...

I can't help but notice that endpaper mitt in the top left corner of your mosaic...those things will drive me to the end of myself...I started them, and have less than a third of the second one to finish and it is languishing in my basket. Good for you for finishing yours...I love the color combo you chose.

raining sheep said...

Oops now I am laughing, your endpaper mitts are 50 per cent done...okay, I don't feel so bad now.

Shelley said...

Hate to say it, but your UFOs make me feel better - I have 5 or 6 right now, too! And I'm with raining sheep, those Endpapers will be the death of me - started, frogged, started again, frogged -- I finished one whole glove but then it was too small and I didn't like the way it looked, so they're on indefinite hold.

I finally started a blog: - I am fooling around with layout and stuff, right now it's just generic. I need to find out how to make one of those cool progress bars like the one you have - maybe it will guilt me into finishing stuff!

My mom and I are definitely in for MDS&W - let me know which day you're going and we'll drive down to meet you.

Talk soon!