Pink lady knits



Pattern: Glee
Yarn: Vulcan's Rest Prime Alpaca
Needles: #4 Addi's

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, even if it did seem like it would go on forever. It's a lot of stockinette, but it's all in the round, so it makes for a nice mindless knit.

I made very few modifications, but I think that they are ultimately pretty significant ones. I made the neckline a little less drastic, because I'd like Kate to be able to wear this while working, or in other instances where she may not want to show off her cleavage. Because of this, I didn't add the hook and eye closures, they didn't seem necessary, and I've never been one to add on extra work when it's not needed. I knit the smallest size possible, and I'm actually still a little scared that it will be too large. Cest la vie.

I've added in some "waist shaping" even though it wasn't called for in the pattern because I intend to knit her a "belt". She is forever looking for ways to define her waist, and I think this will help a great deal. I'll likely add on some belt loops so that it stays in place.
And, even though those two things are pending, I'm calling this done. I'll be sure to post photos of it on her at some point after the Holidays.

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