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Dad's Scarf

Pattern: 1x1 Ribbing
Yarn: Cottage Craft 1 Ply
Needles: #4 Straights (Antique)

A while ago my Dad asked for a scarf, and since he rarely asks for anything of me, I got right to knitting it. He told me that he wanted something simple in tan or brown, and he really does prefer simple patterns, but like any other knitter, I complicated matters. I cast on for Shifting Sands and swatched for Interlocking Balloons...until I realized that he wouldn't want that. He would want simple ribbing. So, I decided to make the yarn choice special, and I dove into my stash and picked out Cottage Craft 1 ply. To some of you this may seem like an odd choice. After all, it's just wool. It's not even particularly soft, it has all the scratch of Noro, and none of the colors. It's not even plied! But to me, this is THE yarn, and I can't explain it. I have skads of it in my stash, but I hoarde it like it's the most expensive cashmere on earth. I love it. So, to me, this was like giving him a piece of my heart. The knitting was comforting and relaxing, and even nicer because it was done on my husbands Grandmother's antique was truly a family affair.

I know he will love this scarf. It won't be because of the pattern, or the yarn. He will love it because I made it for him, and that's all we knitters really want. Right?


Bea said...

Well even if it isn't soft it sure looks it in your photo!

Jen said...