Pink lady knits


We have a sock down....

and it's a baby sock at that. But, it's the only knitting progress I have to show you, so it will have to suffice for now.

I made it to match this cute hat...which I'm really in love with. They are destined for my friend Kelly who is due to have her first child, a little girl, any day now. I really want to finish these up for her so that I can send them off with the other fabulous things I bought her.

The yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran, and it's left over from this project. I know it's not a super girly color, but red is so universal, I'm sure it will be appreciated. It's superwash, so I know that part will be appreciated!
Off to make the second sock!


ekgheiy said...

Nice work. I love cables. You chose a great color too!

Courtney said...

thanks! i hope that the little tyke will like them! :) the second sock is more than 1/2 finished at this the project is almost complete. I love that!