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VJ and I headed up to New Jersey this weekend to attend Bullyfest 2008. It's a great fundraiser for Heavensent Bulldog Rescue, which is where we got Tucker. I thought you all may like a few photos from the day, so here they are:
Me and the Tuckman, he had a LONG DAY.

My Boys. Fans of "The Wire" will appreciate the shirt...

This is Matheau. He's only 14 weeks old!

This is Bunny the Biker Bully. Isn't she a DOLL?!

Bullyfest was awesome, we had a great time. I can see us going back year after year. If you'd like to see some more photos of the day, you can check out my set on Flickr here.

In knitting news, it's been decided that the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket is complete! I'm now in the process of trying to determine the fabric with which to back it. I've got my eye on a few things at Purl Soho...but I'm not 100% sure yet. I'll keep you posted though. Now that the blankie is complete, I've moved on to finishing up the Shetland and Scribble...keep me in your prayers. :)


ekgheiy said...

Aaaww! What a wonderful event! Looks like it was such fun.

Oh and that shirt? EXCELLENT!! I was so upset at his demise; although, not nearly as upset as I was for Lem on The Shield. I actually cried for Lem! Man, I'm tearing up right now ...

I didn't cry for Omar, but my dislike for children was well supported. Man, I hated that kid throughout the whole show! That kid so dearly needed an ass kickin' just on general principle. Hahahaha

Courtney said...

ekgheiy - Yeah, it was a blast. I was a little under the weather though, and it was pretty chilly, but we had a great time.
Glad you love (and get!) the shirt! He always has people look at him funny when he wears it. Omar and Bubs were my favorite least one of them ended well. I was heartbroken when Omar died. I remember us just looking at each other and then saying "wha? did that just happen?" and rewinding the DVR. I was expecting Omar to kill that kid....sigh. I guess it's realistic though, huh?

Lolly said...

what fun! i love the pics! bulldogs are so adorable ;)

Courtney said...

lolly - lol, i know. don't they have the BEST faces?