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Smooshy Blocks of Color

While we were watching TV this weekend, and I was knitting, I glanced over at the ball of yarn I was working on and saw this:
It should be noted that I did not set up this photo...she just snuggled up to it. She's a generally snuggly kitty (though she hates to be held), and such a sweetheart. It's moments like this that I just know that we made the right choice when we added her to our family.
Onto some actual knitting content! This is the Modern Log Cabin Blanket...still in progress, but growing and growing. This was taken at the drive-in on Saturday and it's gotten even larger since then. There are only two squares left, the last two intarsia squares.
I'm happy that it's moving along so well, and now I'm making plans on how to back it. I think I'd like to do a thin layer of cotton batting, and then a cotton flannel backing with cotton flannel bias tape (which I plan to make myself via a very instructive video.) I just have to pick out the flannel and then I'll be ready to go. I was thinking about hand stitching this...but I'm no quilter. What do you all think?


ekgheiy said...!! That kitty picture is awesome!

The Log Cabin blanket is coming along nicely. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've picked up the book, only to put it back on the shelf. For some reason, it's just not meant to leave the store with me. :)

Markorama said...

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raining sheep said...

Courtney I LOVE the kitty picture - so cute and she looks so comfy. I am definitely a cat lover. Your quilt by the way - awesome - I love that design. It is colorful but because of the lines it has a very modern feel. love it.