Pink lady knits


Stick a fork in it...

it's done?
Actually, I'm not sure...what do you think?

For size reference, it's sitting on the ottoman in my basement. It's pretty big, but it's not actually complete. Technically, there are still two more "blocks" to be completed (the two instarsia blocks.)
Last night though, when I cast off the big green square to the left, my husband said that he thought it was getting too big. So, I ask you, is there a "too big" in baby blankets?


Anonymous said...

Is this a seed stitch?

Preita said...

Done! For Sure! :D

ekgheiy said...

I think there is a "too big" in baby blankets. If an adult can cover herself with it, then I think it's safe to say it's not a "baby blanket". Although, why go with the so called norm? :) Of course, there may be safety concerns if a baby is wrapped in a blanket that's way too big ... with no adult supervision. ;)

Jen said...

I'd want it to be about the size to put over a sleeping baby without it piling up in the crib, or a good size to drape over a carrier. Knowing the size of your ottoman, I think it's just right!

Courtney said...

anon - nope, just plain old garter stitch. :)

preita - yay! i'm so glad you all think it's i just need to pick out the fabric to back it.

ekgheiy - yeah, i see what you are saying. at first i thought "i want her to have this it needs to be bigger", but now i see that it may not be what's best for her as a baby. i think i'll stop now. i haven't even blocked it and it measures as a 'crib' i think i'm safe.

jen - after checking with kelly, i know that's exactly the size she wants i think i'm done. yay!