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New Yarn

I ordered and received the yarn for my Hogwarts Sock Swap Two pal. I ended up choosing Lisa Souza's Merino Sock in "Mombassa". After looking at countless hanks of yarn, I felt that the Mombassa embodied the right balance of yellow to there are some nice light yellows moving into whites as well.

While I was "there", I also managed to put a nice hank into the basket for myself. It's Lisa Souza's Merino Sock in "Mars Quake". I believe I will be using this to make a pair of seems perfect for that.

I know that I said I had decided on the "RPM" pattern for my sock pal....but now I am leaning towards the infamous "Monkey"...and I happen to know that she doesn't have a pair yet. We'll see what I cast on, when I cast on.


Jen said...

Monkey socks?

Lolly said...

They are both gorgeous colors - so perfect for autumn too!