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The Bed Shrug

Pattern: Bed Shrug from Interweave Knits Free Patterns Section
Yarn: Handmaiden Silk Lace, "Antique Ivory"
Needles: #2 Addi Turbos
For: My Mother in Law to wear on her wedding day
Notes: I am so glad this is finished! It was both a lesson in lace and a labor of love. I learned a lot about getting a good gauge in lace weight yarn, and how patterns will vary when the yarn and needle size are substituted. I honed my math skills because of this and I was very proud when the sizing came out exactly as I'd hoped it would.
This is the most luxurious yarn I've ever used, the largest project I've done on such tiny needles, and the very first lace project I've finished (that wasn't socks.) I used to think I hated lace...but now I know better. I do think I like simple short repeat patterns though, at least for now.
Now, what to knit next...


Kel said...

beautiful of course

Singular Stitches said...

It's gorgeous, and you really nailed making sure it fit her perfectly!

Knitting makes us math nerds! I keep a calculator in my knitting bag all the time! :o)

kt83 said...

It is so beautiful!! love the yarn.